2 Weeks of DRAWN IN... FREE!!

Have you heard about DRAWN IN yet? The “Come Follow Me” video series for families that has EVERYONE buzzing?! See reviews by clicking HERE.

Well, EVERYONE can try out the ENTIRE series for FREE!
From June 21 to July 5!!
I’ve created a special LOGIN that will allow unlimited guest users (June 21 – July 5 only).  Just go to the LOGIN icon (upper right corner on computers / left side on devices) and type in: 
Email:  davidbowmanart@gmail.com
Password:  drawnin  
Then, go to the DRAWN IN tab, select “SUBSCRIBERS – Current, or Past, Month’s Content”, and enjoy!
(Is there a catch?!) 
No catch! Simply because the upcoming “Come Follow Me” weeks are all about Ammon and his brother’s mission to the Lamanites, which happen to be some of the coolest chapters in the Book of Mormon!! I just want EVERYONE to get a taste of DRAWN IN and how it can help enhance your family’s Book of Mormon study. 
Try it out! If you and your family enjoy it, tell others about it!  And watch any of the 50 or so past videos as well… my treat!
After July 5th, the FREE login will be closed. Of course, you may purchase a subscription at any time by clicking HERE. Choose a monthly plan for $4.95/month or just $49.95 for the entire year, giving you 2 months free! *yearly plans include 12 months from the date you subscribe*
So, current DRAWN IN subscriber family.... I would love it if you would share this free 2 week trial with any of your family and friends that would enjoy this. You guys have always come through for me with sharing about DRAWN IN and I greatly appreciate it.
Happy Father's Day!!