DRAWN IN Youth Church History Adventure

June 20-29, 2021
For current High School JUNIORS & SENIORS **
Only 50 spots available!

I am sooooo excited for this, you guys!  In keeping with 2021’s “Come Follow Me” Doctrine & Covenants/Church History course… We are going to experience ALL the major early Restoration sites in a fun, spirit-filled 9 days --- The Sacred Grove, Priesthood Restoration site, Kirtland Temple, Liberty Jail, Nauvoo, and Carthage Jail to name a few.   

I love working with the youth!  Having done 16 years of EFY speaking/session directing, along with several years of seminary/institute teaching… I know how to connect and bond with teenagers; AND how to help THEM connect and bond with each other.  I’ll be sharing devotional thoughts all along the “adventure”.  But more importantly, I’ll be helping THEM discover themselves in the story of the Restoration and grow closer to their Savior in the process.  And we’re gonna have ton of fun doing it!

Have FUN –Feel the SPIRIT – Be UNITED
That’s the “DRAWN IN – YOUTH Church History Adventure” triple-combination, game plan! 
Interested in learning more (Price?  Day by Day itinerary? etc.) -or- Ready to Sign Up? 
Hope to see you this summer!!  And PLEASE – SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS!
-David Bowman
** age exceptions can be made on a case by case basis, contact Cumorah Tours