David Bowman Art Reviews

"This is beautiful! I love that He is as happy to see her as she is to see Him. Thank you for sharing this!"

- Sarah C.

"Your work is always so amazing! Beautifully captured!"

-Angelique L. 

"Beautiful! Speaks to my soul! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents. my children love watching your videos and reading your books."

- Ashley S.


"Many years ago in Ohio, I picked up a print of "My Child". I cannot tell you how much that drawing has encouraged me through the years. I grew up in a home with abandonment and neglect. This picture, which I have had for many years, helps me know there is a place of safety, tenderness, gentleness, and love in Jesus. I continue to cling on to that even as I still work to find healing from the traumas I have experienced in my life. I look at the picture frequently and can take a deep breath and fee Jesus care and Love. It has been healing and continues to be in my life. I just wanted to say thank you!"
- Nora J.


"I love your art!"

- Lydia M.