Engaging the ENTIRE family in Come Follow Me

Overwhelmed with implementing Come Follow Me in your family’s schedule each week… AND keeping the kids engaged… AND helping them apply the scriptures?!  Well, you’re not alone!  I knew there had to be a way for families to enjoy the scriptures, feel the spirit, apply what they’re learning, and even have FUN doing it.  So, I created…. DRAWN IN!! 

DRAWN IN is a fun and engaging video series for the ENTIRE family (ages 2 – 92)!  It truly has something for everyone. DRAWN IN will help your family learn the scriptures, apply the principles, and above all, grow closer to their Heavenly Father.  

These videos include me drawing out scripture stories and principles, Power Verses, interactive Discussion questions, practical applications, and different hand puppets each episode (I mean literal HAND puppets) that every so often, break into song for some catchy music videos!!

 Watch this👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼: 

With your subscription to DRAWN IN, you’ll get:
  • WEEKLY VIDEOS that go directly with the current curriculum of Come Follow Me!   They are about 16 - 20 min. each.  (And, YES, I will be doing all 4 years of CFM!  Getting excited for D&C / Church History next year!  Woo hoo)
  • Access to ALL current AND PAST "DRAWN IN" content!  Friends, there is a treasure trove of PAST Book of Mormon episodes for your family to learn from and enjoy.  And, special videos like "Draw with Bro Bo", bloopers, music videos from the episodes, etc.  With your subscription, you can watch ANY of the videos as often as you’d like! 
  • In addition, DRAWN IN gives you weekly Supplemental PDF DOWNLOADS (Coloring sheets, Weekly Challenge charts, etc.) that help the kids APPLY what they’re learning throughout the week. 
BONUS* -  subscribers receive periodic SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODES for my fine art and children’s books!
Here, check out this sample episode for a little glimpse into DRAWN IN!
DRAWN IN has been described as “spiritual”, “fun”, “hilarious”, “engaging”, "testimony building" and “an opportunity to come together as a family”. Try it for yourselves!
It’s simple. Choose either a monthly plan for $4.95/month -OR- get 2 months FREE when you choose the yearly plan for $49.95. Yearly memberships are good for 12 months from date of purchase!
When you subscribe, you will receive a “Welcome” email with a link to create your own account with a username and password. Once logged in, you will have access to the “DRAWN IN – Subscriber Content” tab with all current, past, and bonus content! Videos are not download-able, so you must have an internet connection to watch.
Both plans give you a full week (7 days FREE trial) before your credit card is charged, giving you the option to “cancel” (found under “Manage Memberships” on your account) free of charge during the 7 day trial period  Otherwise, your card will automatically be charged after 7 days, and your DRAWN IN membership will officially begin.  Woo hoo!

 MONTHLY  --- $4.95 per month

  • Subscription will auto renew each month from date of purchase (minus 7 day trial)      
  • You may cancel at anytime whereupon you will have access to SUBSCRIBER content until the end of your paid month
FULL YEAR --- $49.95 per year.   BEST DEAL!! --- Get 2 months free!
  • Subscription will auto renew each year from date of purchase (minus 7 day trial). 
  • No cancellations for full year subscriptions during the year that you purchased (but you may cancel if you don't want the next year).
  • Saves you the hassle of monthly payments to worry about accounting for.

 (And DRAWN IN subscriptions can be given as GIFTS!  -see menu above-)

There you have it! 

I know, I know, we're all a little hesitant to do online subscriptions (myself included)... but I guarantee, based on hundreds of emails/comments from current subscribers, DRAWN IN will enhance your family's "Come Follow Me experience."   There are no other resources out there like it.  Give it a try!  You will not be disappointed!

We'll see ya DRAWN IN!

Dave Bowman