As An Artist

David’s Thoughts On His Art…
When someone asks me, “How long have you been doing art?” to me it’s like being asked “How long have you been breathing?” Ever since I can remember, I have loved to draw. Some of my earliest artistic memories are of huge Star Wars battle scenes passionately scribbled out on my little portable chalkboard. I would draw and draw and draw, pause, take a look at the finished product, then erase everything and start over. Even as a small child, I was experiencing the simple, raw “joy of creation.”
Since then, I’ve always found great satisfaction in creating. I believe it’s one of those traits we inherit from God. To me, it’s one of the most exciting things: to be inspired with an idea and then, little by little, turn that idea into something tangible and real. Even more exciting is when that tangible thing you’ve created has the potential to uplift and inspire others. That’s really when you feel God’s hand moving through you.
As I grew older, my favorite thing to draw became people. For me, people are the most interesting and engaging of all artistic subject matter. Simply put: people are “drawn” to people (no pun intended). That became my focus through my college years where I received a bachelor’s degree in Illustration. Drawing caricatures, in particular, became my specialty… which I still enjoy doing.
However, I wanted to have a deeper impact with my art than just caricatures. Being a Christian all my life, I decided to try my hand at depicting the most important person in my life, Jesus Christ. I wanted to portray Him in a way that was real, genuine, true to His character. For me, that would mean showing Him with different expressions depending on the situation He was in. I see Jesus smiling and laughing spontaneously. I see Him calming a child in His arms. I see Him intently concerned with whomever He is with, looking deep into their eyes, always focusing on their needs first. Jesus Christ is not a one-dimensional being, stoic and removed in appearance. His immense love would be shown in a variety of expression!
Thus, my Expressions of Christ series. Each piece, drawn in pastels, has a simple, one word title that expresses the emotion of that piece. I want the viewer to be able to relate that emotion to his/her own experience and relationship with the Savior. I pray these images can help bring His peace and encouragement to your life.

As An Author

David loves to use his writing and artistic abilities to TEACH YOUNG PEOPLE. Having taught at a high school level for several years, he understands the need for humor and engaging visuals if you really want to make a connection with youth. “You gotta get ‘em laughing before you can hope to instruct and inspire,” he says. David both writes AND illustrates all his own books, striving to teach values found in the scriptures and in our nation’s founding principles. He is also a popular youth speaker, speaking on various religious and patriotic topics all over the country.

As An Arizonan

Having lived in the Grand Canyon State since 2000, David (although born and raised in California) now considers himself a full-blooded Arizonan. He and his wife, Natalie, live in the White Mountains of North Eastern Arizona, with their 5 children. They love camping together, skiing (yes, there is a ski resort close by… Arizona isn’t ALL cactus), and anything outdoors-ish. David has a quant gallery/studio on main street of their small town, where he is able entertain foot traffic and have a quiet place to draw.
Bowman Family Photo