DRAWN IN Reviews

“Hello! We have been subscribing to drawn in for a few months and it has been a game changer for our family scripture study. My kids are 13, 11 and 6 and they all enjoy watching. You do such a great job mixing serious spiritual discussion with silly fun. We all get a laugh. Your drawing talent is amazing and fun to watch. Especially now with quarantine and homeschool we have more time to spend on scripture study and your show has been so helpful. Thank you!!”


"First of all I wanted to say thank you, thank you! Your talent and ability to teach the scriptures through your art and humor is incredible. We are a grateful family of 7. We will be forever subscribers as we look forward to your videos every week and love what we learn from them and the giggles we share as a family. There is always something for everyone from our 17 year old teenager to our special needs toddler, we definitely enjoy and love what you share. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and time putting together these incredible teaching tools. We are a grateful family."


"I just want to let you know that your DRAWN IN vides have changed scripture study brought the Book of Mormon to life for our family! My 6 kids (ages 3-17) laugh while watching each episode and talk about the videos long after they are done, often begging to watch them over and over. We love when you suggest to pause and discuss a principle or pause and highlight a verse. We also love the challenges you give, especially the one this past week about using "because" in our prayers! Thank you for helping us apply the teaching of the Book of Mormon to our lives. Thanks for helping the scriptures stories and principles come to life. We sure appreciate all the time and effort you put into the movies! Thank you!!"


"Our family is so enjoying Drawn in! Our kids (14-6) love your drawings, your
stories, all the fun characters, and songs. Thank you for your time and
devotion to this. It is making such a difference in our scripture study and
inviting the spirit into our home. I so appreciate it as a mom. THANK YOU!

-Kristin P.

 "Thank you so much! Our family LOVES all of your work! Truly inspired!"

- Justin H.

"My girls (and I!!) absolutely LOVE DRAWN IN! They get so excited when we do it for scripture study. They get so into it! Their favorite part is the hand too. They get so excited to see how he'll be dressed up each time. Really, thanks so much for helping to make our scripture study impactful!"

- Lindsay

"I am excited to share this with my friends! We are so grateful for your videos and the help and discussion they bring. Thank you so much for making home church SO good for us!"


"I just tried your sample videos last week with my almost 4-year-old and he LOVED them! I'm so excited to have another resource for teaching scripture stories to my boys and I love the way you relate the lessons to their lives. Thank you so much for using your talents to bless our lives. Looking forward to subscribing for a long time yet!"

- Elsie

 "Even my teenagers enjoy it! Thank you so much for all the time you've put into doing this!!"

- Lisa M.

"We sure love your videos! Thanks for helping us get excited about the scriptures!"

- Amanda C.

"Love studying at home and being able to pass on new and exciting knowledge to my family. Drawn In helps with that endeavor. Thanks for sharing such a great talent and being an instrument in the Lord’s hands."

- Cindi P.

"My family is LOVING your videos!! Thank you for sharing your talents to help other better understand the scriptures!"

- Marcey M.

"I love drawn in! It was a such a huge blessing this week when we got bogged down in 2Nephi."

- Kristen Hill