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Introduction to what the DRAWN IN series has to offer your family...

1 Nephi 2 - "How's YOUR Heart?"  (Come Follow Me, January 6-12)
In this first episode, Lehi and his family obey the Lord’s commandment to leave Jerusalem and begin their journey to the Promised Land.  Having left behind all their wealth and comforts, the journey becomes a test to see what kind of attitude each family member will obey with.  Kids learn the difference between HARD heart obedience and SOFT heart obedience, and will be encouraged to obey with a SOFT heart… like Nephi!

1 Nephi 3-4 - "Do HARD Things"  (Come Follow Me, January 6-12)
In this episode, Nephi and his brothers are put to the test with a really “hard” commandment from the Lord.  How do they each respond?  With the Lord’s help, Nephi is determined to “go and do” this hard thing.  Sure, these kids may not have to get brass plates from Laban, but the principles Nephi follows can be applied just as easily to kids today. 
 1 Nephi 12-14- "Armed with Righteousness" (Come Follow Me January 20-26)

Nephi is now on that “exceedingly high mountain” in the middle of receiving a grand revelation from the Lord.  He sees the birth and ministry of the Savior (which is a separate video, 1 Nephi ch. 11), the history of the Lehites, the discovery of the new world, the Bible and Book of Mormon coming together, the great and abominable church, and the rise of the Church of the Lamb of God.  That’s a lot to tackle for a little kid!  And a challenge for me to make a video for… one that stays true to the content, but is engaging and applicable for children.  Watch this FREE episode below with your kids and see if it helps.


PAST Videos (you can access with a subscription)

The Book of Mormon - What a Miracle! (Come Follow Me, Dec. 30 - Jan. 6)


1 Nephi 7 - "Don't Forget!" (Come Follow Me, January 7-12)


1 Nephi 8 - "Hold Fast to That Rod!" (Come Follow Me, January 13-19)

 1 Nephi 10 - "Ponder Power"

1 Nephi 11 - "Behold, The Lamb of God"