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Excerpt from the Special 3 Nephi 11 DRAWN IN episode.

What would it have been like to be one of those few who got to feel the prints of the nails in Jesus’ hands after He was resurrected?  To have some ONE on ONE time with Him, face to face?  The people in the ancient Americas had that experience, as recorded in the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ (3 Nephi chapter 11).  And although we may not have that chance right now, we can certainly “Feel the Savior’s Love” in our hearts… until the day we feel the Savior’s love in our hands.

And they are so excited to sing about the sign of Christ’s birth that comes in just the nick of time to save the believers from being destroyed.  It’s and inspiring story!

 Samuel the Lamanite.  The man certainly had his work cut out for him: Commanded to cry repentance to a wicked, prideful Zarahemla.  Although they kicked him out the first time, Samuel was not deterred … even if it meant turning to “Extreme Sports” (aka: free-climbing walls, preaching amid a flurry of arrows & rocks, and base jumping off the wall when he was finished --- all humorously depicted in this video).  Samuel stayed true to the Lord’s commands no matter what… and so can we. 

We have now come to some of the most powerful stories of Courage & Faith in the entire Book of Mormon --- The War Chapters!  This week and next, we will be inspired by valiant men and women who did some extraordinary things... during extraordinarily difficult times!  Captain Moroni, Teancum, Helaman's stripling warriors and their mothers, Pahoran, and many more.  I have put a lot of time and energy into these episodes, simply because they ARE such amazing stories, with powerful principles... and I hope your young ones get inspired too! 

I believe the only way to catch Ammon and Alma’s sheer JOY from their missionary labors… is in music video format.  Aaaahh Yeeeaa!!

Aaah, yes, time for one of our favoritest stories in the Book of Momron:  Ammon loping off some Lamanite bandito arms! 😊  Oh, but there is SO MUCH more to this story than that!  Enjoy this FREE VIDEO, where kids learn from Ammon the principles of OBSERVE, THEN SERVE and that "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."  Truths to live by! And if you haven't subscribed yet... what are you waiting for??!!  2 Videos per week, for only $4.95 a month!  

OK, having been a child during the era of the ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy… this DRAWN IN episode has officially become one of my FAVORITES!   The story of Amlici in Alma 2 is a perfect parallel of the War in Heaven, so why not give the War in Heaven a little Star Wars twist?  Complete with Darth Satan and Light of Christ sabers, this episode is bound to resonate with the Jedisciple in all of us.  May the Spirit be with you… always.

BONUS: Music Video. "Living on Our Prayers"

Who says you can’t teach powerful gospel principles… AND still have some fun doing it? I hope you all enjoy this Hand Puppet MUSIC VIDEO – telling the story of Alma and Limhi’s people in bondage. Feel free to copy/paste this “FREE VIDEO” URL and SHARE with others in on Facebook, Instagram, or however else you wanna share! 

Mosiah 13-17: Abinadi Before the Wicked King Noah
Here, Abinadi stands before the wicked King Noah and his priests, calling them to repentance and teaching of Christ. Was his efforts all for not? OR could his courage have a “Ripple Effect” for good? How can OUR good deeds have a “Ripple Effect”? Enjoy! (And good luck finding the Hand puppet… he might have a tricky disguise on)


Mosiah 2-3: Which Way do Your Arrows Point? (Come Follow Me April 13-19)

THIS VIDEO IS PERFECT FOR EASTER… because It depicts the angel showing King Benjamin all about Christ’s life, Atonement, & Resurrection (9:34 – 14:27). It also talks about how indebted we are to God for EVERYTHING, and how when we serve others, we are only in the service of this God whom we owe everything to.  Powerful messages from King Benja-Da-man)!

Joseph Smith's First Vision

It’s here! It's now officially 200 years since God and Jesus Christ appeared to the young Joseph, starting the whole Restoration of the Gospel in these last days.  Woo hoo! I love this story! I love Joseph! I love the Restoration and I hope this special DRAWN IN episode helps you and your family feel the power and majesty of that singular event. Please feel free to share this with family and friends, it's free to all! DRAWN IN subscribers get PDF printouts to help out with the memorization challenge found in the video.

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 Jacob 5: LABOR With All Your Might (Come Follow Me March 16-22)

The longest chapter in the Book of Mormon, and potentially one of the most confusing.  But DRAWN IN is here to help!  In this FREE SAMPLE episode of DRAWN IN, see how we break down this whole allegory of the Olive tree in a way that is engaging, understandable for all ages, and FUN.  (Wait til you see Rancher Nephite Hand teach us how to “dung” the olive trees J  Wooo wee!)  And this episode especially focuses on what OUR part is (as kids, teens, or adults) in the gathering of the olive harvest (AKA: the Gathering of Israel) in these last days.  Check it out!    

2 Nephi 28: "Satan's Playbook" (Come Follow Me Feb. 17-23)
Time to get your game face on!  We are going head to head against the Devil’s Destroyers (the meanest, dirtiest, cheating-est team out there).  But luckily, Nephi has given us an inside peek into SATAN’S PLAYBOOK in 2 Nephi chapter 28.  In this episode of DRAWN IN, “Mister Coach Hand” prepares you (his team) with knowledge about the adversary’s tactics, so you can face him on the line of scrimmage and WIN!  Rise n’ Shout, baby!
2 Nephi 9: "Why the Atonement?" (Come Follow Me Feb.10-16)
This week’s Come Follow Me has such an important chapter about the Atonement (2 Nephi 9), that I wanted to make this episode available for anyone to watch.  How do you help kids appreciate the Atonement? Well, Jacob says that first we need to appreciate the two MONSTERS (that’s the word that Jacob uses) that Jesus overcomes for all of us. Overcoming Monsters, huh? Sounds like a great visual for the kiddos! Hope this episode helps your kids understand the Atonement a little better.
1 Nephi 17-18- "ProACTIVE or PRODDED" (Come Follow Me January 27-Feb. 2)

Parents, do you ever feel like you’re prodding your kids more often than you should? Don’t you want to teach them the benefits of being ProACTIVE, and in a way that they’ll “get it”? In this fun FREE episode, your kids will learn how, once again, Nephi shows us the way by building a ship and sailing to the promised land with his family, all with a “Can Do” ProACTIVE, faithful heart. They will also learn specific things they can do right now to be a ProACTIVE hero like Nephi. Oh, and wait ‘til you see this week’s hand puppet… He loves to do “H – Aaarrr – D” things too! Enjoy!

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1 Nephi 12-14- "Armed with Righteousness" (Come Follow Me January 20-26)

Nephi is now on that “exceedingly high mountain” in the middle of receiving a grand revelation from the Lord.  He sees the birth and ministry of the Savior (which is a separate video, 1 Nephi ch. 11), the history of the Lehites, the discovery of the new world, the Bible and Book of Mormon coming together, the great and abominable church, and the rise of the Church of the Lamb of God.  That’s a lot to tackle for a little kid!  And a challenge for me to make a video for… one that stays true to the content, but is engaging and applicable for children.  Watch this FREE episode below with your kids and see if it helps.

1 Nephi 3-4 - "Do HARD Things"  (Come Follow Me, January 6-12)
In this episode, Nephi and his brothers are put to the test with a really “hard” commandment from the Lord.  How do they each respond?  With the Lord’s help, Nephi is determined to “go and do” this hard thing.  Sure, these kids may not have to get brass plates from Laban, but the principles Nephi follows can be applied just as easily to kids today. 


1 Nephi 2 - "How's YOUR Heart?"  (Come Follow Me, January 6-12)
In this first episode, Lehi and his family obey the Lord’s commandment to leave Jerusalem and begin their journey to the Promised Land.  Having left behind all their wealth and comforts, the journey becomes a test to see what kind of attitude each family member will obey with.  Kids learn the difference between HARD heart obedience and SOFT heart obedience, and will be encouraged to obey with a SOFT heart… like Nephi!