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What happens when you cross "Phantom of the Opera" & Ammon defending the King's sheep??  Well, check this vid out!  One fun part of "DRAWN IN" is these music videos that often appear in episodes!  They make the scripture stories/principles memorable and fun!  With a subscription, you get access to ALL my past music videos anytime - there are over 70 different music videos!



This week, it’s Abinadi time! Abinadi - the man who was determined to obey God’s command to call King Noah and the people to repentance…no matter the cost!  We may never be in such a dramatic situation as Abinadi, but we will all have times when WE need to stand up for the right in tough situations…where people around us are not making the best choices. Will we Dare to be an Abinadi? Because you never know the “Ripple Effect” your faithful actions might have on others. 

THE BOOK OF MORMON BEGINS!!  What awesome chapters we have this week!  Nephi DESIRES to know of his Father’s vision for himself…and gets a whole lot more than he expected!  He receives his own VISION, where he learns of Christ's life, his own descendants, the “great & abominable” church, the uniting of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, our day, and a whole lot more! It is quite epic in scope, so this episode is longer than usual…but hopefully well worth it. It also has the PHOTO/MUSIC montage of YOUR Family Book of Mormon selfies you sent me at the end of the episode (and an additional Music Vid that some of you will definitely recognize the parody).  Enjoy and learn!   


In Revelation ch. 12 --- we are introduced to the 7 headed red dragon that tries to destroy the work of God.  He is Satan, and we waged a mighty war against him in that Pre-Mortal realm.  I think its crucial these young people/your children realize that they already have a history.  A track record of VALIANCE and DEDICATION to Father and His plan, even before they were born.  When a person truly “gets” that truth, it is an anchor foundation for the rest of his/her life.  So, lets learn about it!  Let’s have some FUN and feel a REVERANT spirit as we recall joining Michael the Arch Angel and his army in this epic pre-mortal conflict.  

FAITH – it’s one of those words we use a lot in the church, and it can have all kinds of meanings.  This week, Hebrews gives us some great gems of wisdom about FAITH in Jesus Christ.  What is it?  What can it do for us?  How do we increase it?  So, buckle up and get ready for a very unique journey – as we learn from many Old Testament examples of FAITH ("Back to the Future" style) and apply those principles to today.  This week is a fun one! 

TRIALS. We all have ‘em. We don’t like ‘em. We wish we didn’t have ‘em. And yet, if we let them, they are the very things that humble us, sanctify us, accelerate our spiritual growth, and bring us closer to Christ. This week, Paul (who was no stranger to trials himself) gives us some great insight to how HE sees doing “hard things”… especially when we dedicate our struggles to Christ. It’s a powerful message – hope it helps in your efforts to raise RESILIENT kids. AND, of course, we’re gonna have some fun doing it!  BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MUSIC VIDEO AT 8:52!



 Just having some fun with the Mario Brothers PEACHES song, combined with a strange story from The Book of Acts!



Jesus’ final hours in mortality have arrived. With the suffering of Gethsemane behind him, Jesus now must face the torture and humiliation brought about by blood-thirsty Pharisees, which will culminate with His death on the cross. Friends, this is my FIRST 30+ minute episode…because I have attempted to go step by step, describing in detail, all that our Savior went through that “Good Friday".  It’s a lot to take in. And they are not pleasant things to learn about, but I pray this video can help your family to better appreciate all that He endured and “stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers”.


 Check out this MUSIC VIDEO I put together using homecoming footage of soldiers and missionaries reuniting with their families… put to the song “I Can Only Imagine”. I used this in my Prodigal Son episode to help teach how all us (prodigals) will be re-united someday with our ecstatic Heavenly Parents. What a day that will be!

It’s back to Jerusalem for Jesus and His disciples (for the Feast of the Tabernacles)…and tensions are mounting! It’s now been 2 ½ years of Jesus teaching and healing, and the Pharisees are sick of it! They are ready to be rid of this so called “Messiah”. Which sets the stage for some powerful sermons and healings in this week’s CFM reading – John 7-10. As I read these chapters, I kept thinking how bold & courageous Jesus was to stand up to the religious leaders of His day…and yet, he also took the time to show kindness & compassion to those who were feeling cast out. Thus, our title this week!

AND… To see the MUSIC VIDEO for this week, where our blind person who was healed happened to be a “Backstreets (of Jerusalem) Boy” … go to 14:17

You can’t multiply a few loaves of bread in order to feed 1,000's of people? You can’t walk on top of water? These things are physically NOT possible. Right? You sure? Because with Jesus, ANYTHING is possible. These are a few of my favorite New Testament stories this week… simply because they ARE so incredible. Do any of you feel like you are in the middle of the “impossible”? Like it's just TOO overwhelming right now? Watch and see a Savior who SAVES in every sense of the word, and who makes the impossible… HIMpossible… both then AND now!



Oh, we’ve got a fun one for you this week! With Jesus now baptized, He is ready to begin His ministry in earnest. And Satan does NOT want that! Watch and learn… as Satan feebly attempts to tempt the Savior, and gets SHUT DOWN every time (and we can do the same)! And then Jesus goes to Galilee to call certain fishermen to become “Fishers OF Men”. Will Peter and the others give up everything to follow Him? Let’s get into Peter’s head (Literally – Music Video style) to appreciate the HUGE-ness of the call and learn some valuable PRINCIPLES in the process.

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Jonah, Jonah, Jonah…it’s as well know of a story as any in the Old Testament!  A Rebellious Prophet, A Massive Storm, A Helpful Fish, a Softened People… And, it is full of great modern applications for us. So, enjoy!! Have fun… especially watching the MUSIC VIDEO that tells the Jonah/fish story… It’s a fun one! 

 But, can “DRAWN IN” help kids learn from and ENJOY Isaiah though??  You betchya!  Check it out below! 

This week, Isaiah goes full prophet mode on us – prophesying all kinds of events that we have seen fulfilled (like the Atonement and the Restoration) -OR- that WE are IN THE ACT OF fulfilling today!  Its cool stuff!  And I found a new favorite scripture verse I’ve never seen before that I went ahead and focused the episode around – you LOTR fans will like it to!  PLUS … we have a few “special” visitors from Bowmanwarts!!  Yes, Harry Potter themed.  And if your family likes Harry Potter… I did a massive episode called Harry PROVERBS & The Book of Wisdom.  You can check it out with a SUBSCRIPTION!  Good times, Good Word, Good feelings!  Hope to see you “DRAWN IN” each week! SUBSCRIBE HERE


What great stories await us in this week’s CFM! Starring my main man… ELIJAH. The lone prophet. Doesn’t take guff from anyone, especially not those Priests of Baal. Enjoy this week as we take a closer look at this great hero of the OT, and how the Spirit worked through him --- everything from sending Pillars of Fire from heaven, down to simply feeling the “still, small voice”. We are gonna focus on how the still, small voice of the Spirit works in our lives --- very important for this next generation to appreciate! And, oh boy, do we got a MUSIC VIDEO for you this week! Wooo weee! It could be the “Greatest”?

After 40 years in the wilderness, we are FINALLY going to enter the Promised Land! Yea! But what a DAUNTING task that is. Can you imagine how Joshua must be feeling, having to take the place of “the-one-and-only…MOSES”? Those are some pretty big sandals to fill. Watch as The Lord sends a couple mighty miracles their way, reminding Joshua and the Israelites to always BE STRONG & of a GOOOD COURAGE! We should do the same!

Hey – this is a FUN one… ESPECIALLY check out 13:19 --- where you all get to help the Israelites bring down those ol’ Walls of Jericho with a little JUST DANCE action! Aaaah Yeeea!  "WE WILL WALK YOU!" :)

Ok, I think Joseph is to the Old Testament…as Spider Man is to the MCU. EVERYONE LOVES JOSEPH - and rightfully so! What an incredible story – filled with triumphs and setbacks – going from slave to second only to Pharaoh in power. Come laugh and learn as a very SPECIAL GUEST HOST takes over DRAWN IN this week and invites your family to see the possibilities that are yours when you have “The Lord with you!” You will also get a sneak peek at the illustrations for my Bible WYH book that will come out SOMEDAY. 

Noah’s Ark and Styx --- It’s a perfect match! And not just because Noah used a lot of “Styx” to build his ark ;) This one is more than just a music video --- Its an Epic MUSICAL!  Watch the entire story of Noah’s ark – from crying repentance to the rainbow – in one fell swoop. MUSIC VIDEOS are just a PART of the DRAWN IN experience, but for a lot of families, its their favorite part. Enjoy this sample!

Here’s a sample of what DRAWN IN has to offer your family this year: A fun intro MUSIC VIDEO to the Old Testament and Moses chapter 1 (one of my favorite chapters in scripture!)  Watch em as a family, see how your kids learn from and enjoy these vids. And if you would like WEEKLY “Drawn In” CFM episodes, click "What is DRAWN IN" or "Subscribe Now" on this tab.

Hope DRAWN IN can help this year!


Joseph Smith and friends jammed out to SUMMER OF ’39! (Okay, Im a big Bryan Adams fan) Why use Summer of ’69 song??? Well, In our CFM, the summer of ’39 was a fresh start for the saints, after the horrible Missouri extermination, Liberty Jail, etc. So, I wanted some music that reflected the positive, upbeat mood of the Saints as they begin building Nauvoo.


Who would have thought that within a 1 ½ years of the spiritual feast that was the Kirtland Temple Dedication – the church would be experiencing such rampant apostasy and dis-illusionment. What happened?? This week, we’ll explore why these things happened and how we can avoid falling into the same traps of contention and fault finding. AND – in the midst of all this…Heber C Kimball is called on a few pretty epic missions to England - Music Video style! TRUTH WILL PREVAIL! 

What happens when you combine the heroic stories of Edward Partridge and the Rollins sisters (who save the Book of Commandments) during the Missouri persecutions….AND….Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”  Oh boy. Take a look if you dare!

 What is one of the number things our church is known for? You got it --- following The Word of Wisdom”! And what blessing it is! This week, learn all about where it came from, why it is so much more than just a “health code”, and what it can do for us when we obey it. Oh, and we have some extra special guests this week who will surely “WOW” you with their awesomeness!

Section 76 – known as “The Vision” – was a Game Changer for the early saints (and still is today).  Why?  Because it changed everyone’s perception of what Heaven was and what our possibilities were.   Because it’s so massive in scope – it is officially my LONGEST episode to date (27 minutes).  I could have just summed up parts, but I wanted to get the actual scripture language.  So, GOOD LUCK with this one!  Be sure to watch til the end (you’ll see why).

SPECIAL episode here with ALEX BOYE at the "DRAWN IN" studio!  What a treat to have him do this with me.  We laugh together, draw together, do a hand puppet music video together, and most importantly - talk about our GOD GIVEN TALENTS and how we are to develop and share those to uplift others.  And Alex certainly is a perfect example of that!  Enjoy!

Gathering to Ohio has never been so fun --- Complete with toothpick cracking, ice cracking, bull dog chases, and a Neil Diamond JUST DANCE segment in the middle.  Parents, see if you can keep up with your kids!   The DRAWN IN series is designed to be interactive and engaging for ALL ages… a FAMILY “Come Follow Me” experience. 

D&C 30-36 --- introduces more HEROES of the Restoration… including a personal favorite, Parley P. Pratt.  Join the excitement as Parley, Oliver & company take their missions into the unknown as they journey to teach the Lamanites on the western frontier.  Here is the FULL episode… AND just the MUSIC VIDEO only.  Woo hoo!
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Sections 18-19 have some of the best verses about the Love of Jesus Christ, His Sacrifice for us, and what we are worth to Him.  I hope this video helps convey His love and these powerful doctrines… as well as helping your family understand the history behind what led to these revelations, as Martin Harris is asked to sacrifice something very dear to him for the work of the Lord.  Enjoy! 
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MUSIC VIDEO time! --- When the band, Journey, and Church History collide!  Ya!  The Nephite Rocker Hands tell the story of the destined meeting between Joseph Smith & Oliver Cowdery, which led to Oliver becoming the full-time scribe Joseph needed to finish the translation of the golden plates, which later becomes the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. 

Enjoy!!  (and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE)

The RESTORATION is underway!!  Woo hoo!
I love what comes next after the FIRST VISION… An ancient record discovered, tangible golden plates… that will become “The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ”.   A true “buried treasure”… & proof that Joseph Smith was called to be God’s modern-day prophet.

Well, we can’t ever seem to ever get rid of Gadiant”hand” and those secret combinations, and the book of Ether is no exception.  >Sigh<   BUT, at least, we get to see a whole new MUSCIAL side of our favorite grumpy hand this week.  So, get your white socks and white sequined glove on, and prepare to be… “Thrilled”!  Such -a -oooohh!

Love the story of the Brother of Jared… had some fun with this episode (aka: Granny of Jared)! Voyage with him and his peeps on their impossible, almost year-long ocean crossing… and do some great LIKENING/scripture marking in the process! AND… Wanna watch the first half of the story? When he takes the stones to the Lord to touch? Then, GET A SUBSCRIPTION AND ENJOY ACCESS TO ALL PAST VIDEOS! Only $5 a month! More info: Click HERE.

After Christ’s visit to the people, there are 165 years of just “Feeling Good”!  NO contention, with EVERYONE united & filled with the Love of God.  So, who better to sing about it than Mr. “I Feel Good” himself --- James Brown-giddoni Hand!  See if you can find all the things James Jams about in 4th Nephi (mark em in your scrips) and have fun singing with him in “Living in Zarahemla”

If I had to pick ONE favorite chapter of the entire Book of Mormon … it would be 3 Nephi 17.  Hands down.  Here we get a glimpse of who our Savior is AS A PERSON.  What is His personality like?  Does He get excited about things?  Does He get overwhelmed with joyful emotion?  Does He laugh?  Does He cry?  Too often, I think we picture our Savior as stoic and removed, with little expression.  3 Nephi chapter 17 shows us differently.  Here, we experience a Redeemer who is “filled with compassion.”  Who spontaneously changes his schedule in order to heal the people, one by one… to pray with them… to laugh, weep, hold, and minister to their little children, one by one.  I hope this episode helps capture the character of our Savior.
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Excerpt from the Special 3 Nephi 11 DRAWN IN episode.

What would it have been like to be one of those few who got to feel the prints of the nails in Jesus’ hands after He was resurrected?  To have some ONE on ONE time with Him, face to face?  The people in the ancient Americas had that experience, as recorded in the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ (3 Nephi chapter 11).  And although we may not have that chance right now, we can certainly “Feel the Savior’s Love” in our hearts… until the day we feel the Savior’s love in our hands.

 Samuel the Lamanite.  The man certainly had his work cut out for him: Commanded to cry repentance to a wicked, prideful Zarahemla.  Although they kicked him out the first time, Samuel was not deterred … even if it meant turning to “Extreme Sports” (aka: free-climbing walls, preaching amid a flurry of arrows & rocks, and base jumping off the wall when he was finished --- all humorously depicted in this video).  Samuel stayed true to the Lord’s commands no matter what… and so can we. 

We have now come to some of the most powerful stories of Courage & Faith in the entire Book of Mormon --- The War Chapters!  This week and next, we will be inspired by valiant men and women who did some extraordinary things... during extraordinarily difficult times!  Captain Moroni, Teancum, Helaman's stripling warriors and their mothers, Pahoran, and many more.  I have put a lot of time and energy into these episodes, simply because they ARE such amazing stories, with powerful principles... and I hope your young ones get inspired too! 

I believe the only way to catch Ammon and Alma’s sheer JOY from their missionary labors… is in music video format.  Aaaahh Yeeeaa!!

Aaah, yes, time for one of our favoritest stories in the Book of Momron:  Ammon loping off some Lamanite bandito arms! 😊  Oh, but there is SO MUCH more to this story than that!  Enjoy this FREE VIDEO, where kids learn from Ammon the principles of OBSERVE, THEN SERVE and that "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."  Truths to live by! And if you haven't subscribed yet... what are you waiting for??!!  2 Videos per week, for only $4.95 a month!  

OK, having been a child during the era of the ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy… this DRAWN IN episode has officially become one of my FAVORITES!   The story of Amlici in Alma 2 is a perfect parallel of the War in Heaven, so why not give the War in Heaven a little Star Wars twist?  Complete with Darth Satan and Light of Christ sabers, this episode is bound to resonate with the Jedisciple in all of us.  May the Spirit be with you… always.

Mosiah 13-17: Abinadi Before the Wicked King Noah
Here, Abinadi stands before the wicked King Noah and his priests, calling them to repentance and teaching of Christ. Was his efforts all for not? OR could his courage have a “Ripple Effect” for good? How can OUR good deeds have a “Ripple Effect”? Enjoy! (And good luck finding the Hand puppet… he might have a tricky disguise on)

Mosiah 2-3: Which Way do Your Arrows Point? (Come Follow Me April 13-19)

THIS VIDEO IS PERFECT FOR EASTER… because It depicts the angel showing King Benjamin all about Christ’s life, Atonement, & Resurrection (9:34 – 14:27). It also talks about how indebted we are to God for EVERYTHING, and how when we serve others, we are only in the service of this God whom we owe everything to.  Powerful messages from King Benja-Da-man)!

Joseph Smith's First Vision

It’s here! It's now officially 200 years since God and Jesus Christ appeared to the young Joseph, starting the whole Restoration of the Gospel in these last days.  Woo hoo! I love this story! I love Joseph! I love the Restoration and I hope this special DRAWN IN episode helps you and your family feel the power and majesty of that singular event. Please feel free to share this with family and friends, it's free to all! DRAWN IN subscribers get PDF printouts to help out with the memorization challenge found in the video.

Please feel free to share this video with friends and family by copying the url link at the top of your browser page! Thank you for all the word-of-mouth references, I really appreciate it!

 Jacob 5: LABOR With All Your Might (Come Follow Me March 16-22)

The longest chapter in the Book of Mormon, and potentially one of the most confusing.  But DRAWN IN is here to help!  In this FREE SAMPLE episode of DRAWN IN, see how we break down this whole allegory of the Olive tree in a way that is engaging, understandable for all ages, and FUN.  (Wait til you see Rancher Nephite Hand teach us how to “dung” the olive trees J  Wooo wee!)  And this episode especially focuses on what OUR part is (as kids, teens, or adults) in the gathering of the olive harvest (AKA: the Gathering of Israel) in these last days.  Check it out!    

2 Nephi 28: "Satan's Playbook" (Come Follow Me Feb. 17-23)
Time to get your game face on!  We are going head to head against the Devil’s Destroyers (the meanest, dirtiest, cheating-est team out there).  But luckily, Nephi has given us an inside peek into SATAN’S PLAYBOOK in 2 Nephi chapter 28.  In this episode of DRAWN IN, “Mister Coach Hand” prepares you (his team) with knowledge about the adversary’s tactics, so you can face him on the line of scrimmage and WIN!  Rise n’ Shout, baby!
2 Nephi 9: "Why the Atonement?" (Come Follow Me Feb.10-16)
This week’s Come Follow Me has such an important chapter about the Atonement (2 Nephi 9), that I wanted to make this episode available for anyone to watch.  How do you help kids appreciate the Atonement? Well, Jacob says that first we need to appreciate the two MONSTERS (that’s the word that Jacob uses) that Jesus overcomes for all of us. Overcoming Monsters, huh? Sounds like a great visual for the kiddos! Hope this episode helps your kids understand the Atonement a little better.
1 Nephi 17-18- "ProACTIVE or PRODDED" (Come Follow Me January 27-Feb. 2)

Parents, do you ever feel like you’re prodding your kids more often than you should? Don’t you want to teach them the benefits of being ProACTIVE, and in a way that they’ll “get it”? In this fun FREE episode, your kids will learn how, once again, Nephi shows us the way by building a ship and sailing to the promised land with his family, all with a “Can Do” ProACTIVE, faithful heart. They will also learn specific things they can do right now to be a ProACTIVE hero like Nephi. Oh, and wait ‘til you see this week’s hand puppet… He loves to do “H – Aaarrr – D” things too! Enjoy!

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