“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Volume 2
“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Volume 2
“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Volume 2
“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Volume 2
“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Volume 2
“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Volume 2

“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Book of Mormon Stories Applied to Children, VOLUME 2

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With over a decade long tack record, thousands of families will agree that the WHO’S YOUR HERO? books are your key to helping little ones enjoy, understand and apply the scriptures. 

These books not only teach young children about the great heroes of the Book of Mormon and what they did back then, but each story shows kids how THEY can be like these heroes today.

For example, just like Captain Moroni and his soldiers “Armored Up” physically for their battles with the Lamanites… YOU can “Armor Up” spiritually by praying and studying your scriptures each day.  And just like Mormon did a thorough job in abridging all the records to give us the Book of Mormon … YOU can do a thorough job on your homework and chores. Watch the scriptures come to life with these fun & engaging books.

Home teaching ideas and activities are also included after each story!

This SECOND volume has eight heroes, spanning from mid Alma through Moroni.

  • ·CAPTAIN MORONI - Finds Protection in Righteousness
  • HELAMAN’S WARIORS - Respect Their Parents
  • TEANCUM - Goes Beyond What is Expected
  • NEPHI & LEHI - Follow the Spirit
  • BEYOND BETHLEHEM - A Book of Mormon Christmas
  • JESUS CHRIST - Loves Perfectly
  • THE BROTHER OF JARED - Shows Great Faith
  • MORMON & MORONI - Act Responsibly

176 pages! (lots of bang for your buck) softcover (10 ¼” x 8 ¾”)

All books are signed by David, with a little cartoon character drawn inside. If you want the books signed to specific kids, please specify their names in a "Contact" David email.

“I have all the books in the series along with as many others as I can get a hold of from this Author, They are AMAZING! seriously.. trust me.. BUY THEM!! you will not be sorry and your little ones will thank you!! Wonderful books all around I have NO complaints! very interactive, engaging, simple and clear explanations, extremely well organized , told as a story directed at the child so its really fun for the kids and I have seen such growth in my toddler since reading these books. HIGHLY recommended.”
— Amazon Review

“Totally worth the money. Only thing I could use to get my kids excited to read scripture stories. Illustrations are awesome and fun! Highly recommend.”
— Amazon Review