LAST EPISODE of 2021!!

 And fitting it would be about The Family Proclamation – since the strengthening and sealing FAMILIES is the end goal of everything we do in the Gospel. This week, get inspired to better fortify your own family, as we talk about the Principles of Successful Marriages and Families! Let’s go out with a bang!

 This week, we also have our final batch of FAILS / BLOOPERS for the year! Prepare to have you ear drums assaulted. haha

 What a great CFM year! Thanks again SOOO MUCH for all of your support of DRAWN IN! I hope its been a testimony building year for your family! Feel free to shoot me an email and let me know how DRAWN IN has helped your family, or how I could improve it?

 Now… OLD TESTAMENT … here we come!



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As mentioned at the end of the episode… here is the ENTIRE “Family Proclamation” FLASCH CARDS set to help you memorize the Proclamation, if you ever so desire. They will also be available in the BONUS MATERIALS section.

Click HERE to print all of them