Mary Print - David Bowman Art
Mary Print - David Bowman Art
Mary Print - David Bowman Art


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Easter morning. Mary Magdalene is at the tomb. She is weeping because of the disappearance of Jesus’ body. Suddenly, the resurrected Christ appears and speaks to her. Lost in her grief, she doesn’t recognize Him at first. That is, not until He says that one most familiar of all words: Her name. “Mary.” I wanted to capture that moment of recognition. The gasp, the intake of breath, the spontaneous smile… all in that split-second before Mary turns around to confirm the impossible. Your name. One simple word. You’ve heard it thousands of times. But imagine how you will feel when one day the Master looks you in the eye, smiles and calls you by name.

(The above title & description is included on the back of each piece)

FRAMED pieces feature…
-High-quality, giclee prints with textured coating (instead of glass)
-Real wood frames (made in the USA

-Signed by the artist & ready to hang!  (Measurements refer to the OUTSIDE edge of the frame)