The GOLDEN CALF INCIDENT - NOT their finest moment :( 

This week, while Moses is atop Mount Sinai for an extended amount of time, the Israelites (who are not sure what to do without constant prophetal supervision) start to make some poor choices. Which points us to an important truth: In everyone’s journey to their “promised land”… there will always be “Golden Calf moments”: times when we are not our best selves & we goof up. I can certainly relate. But fortunately, we have the two “A”s --- AGENCY & ATONEMENT --- that make change, improvement, and our ultimate destiny possible. Lots of powerful gospel truths this week, couched in both SPIRITUAL & FUN formats as always. 


 FLASHBACK EPISODE – in keeping with the topic of choices & commitments & staying true to our word…the story of the converted Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s in The Book of Mormon is most inspiring. Their commitment was a DECISION, not a FEELING. Intrigued? Learn more about it in this episode


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Are you “Peculiar?” 
The Exodus continues…as Moses and friends arrive at the sacred Mt. Sinai. It’s a huge task, getting this many people out of Egypt. But an even BIGGER task is getting the Egypt out of this many people. This week, the Lord announces that the Israelites will be a “Peculiar Treasure” to him and gives them the TEN COMMANDMENTS to prepare them to be “His” people. Get ready for lotsa fun, familiar music, a Moses cameo, and spiritual insights into the commandments.  Enjoy!
AND – in keeping with the theme of the Lord preparing a group of people – NOW is the time to show YOUR “TRYIN’ FOR ZION” videos! Remember? I had you send me videos of your family Tryin’ for Zion back in February? Well, here they are! Thanks to everyone who sent me footage, these were awesome! Proud of you all, and remember to ALWAYS be T4Z!
 Hope you had a special Easter Week, celebrating our Savior! Now, its back to the OT!
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 WEEK 16
 So, there are only TWO WEEKS in the entire year (Easter & Christmas) where there is no official CFM content that goes with the book of scripture! It is a much needed chance for me to get a little ahead in my video production schedule. (And if any of you are wondering how far ahead I am in making these videos? Uh… not very far ahead).
 Thus, we have our first batch of quarterly DRAWN IN BLOOPERS for ya! Enjoy! 
And, in keeping in the spirit of the Resurrected Savior ministering to others…our FLASHBACK episode covers my favorite chapter in all scripture-dom: 3 Nephi 17. If you haven’t seen it yet (or just wanna watch it again), I highly recommend it! That chapter gives us a feel for the Love of our Savior more than any other scripture chapter I can think of.
God Bless you and your family as you celebrate Christ and his Atonement this week! See ya back in the Old Testament next week!


 WEEK 15
The parting of the Red Sea… probably THE most famous, iconic miracle of the Old Testament! What a story! And what an epic reminder of God’s power and love for His people, as the Children of Israel were helpless to deliver themselves from Pharaoh’s advancing army. And, later on, the Lord provides a few more “not-so-grandiose-but-just-as-crucial” miracles…Manna from heaven & water from a rock. Anybody out there need a miracle? An “escape” from YOUR feeling “trapped”? Hope this episode helps remind you of His love, care, and power to deliver! 
 FLASHBACK episode --- There are great parallels between the Children of Israel’s journey through the wilderness… and Lehi’s family’s journey through that very same wilderness some 800 years later! And MURMURING (unfortunately) is one of them. Enjoy one of my very first DRAWN IN episodes, as we learn how to STOP/THIINK/MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE like a Nephi. So needed for kids & teens today!
Remember… you may feel you have a “Red Sea” in front of you right now…but “GO FORWARD” (with FAITH) anyway!


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