Week 36

It's time to Head off to Bowmanwarts!

Ok, all I'm gonna say is…the words Harry Proverbs got stuck in my mind – and this is the result. I’m exhausted. I spent more time on THIS episode than I have any other episode to date (including my David & Goliath one). So, I hope you all enjoy, especially you Harry Potter junkies! 

CORRECTION: In the video, the first spell’s reference is 4:18 (not 4:6)  Sorry!

 (FLASHBACK EPISODE – D&C 10.  This was just another interactive, get-dressed-up-in-character video I did that was a lot of fun)

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Principle of Power


 Week 35 


 This week we finish the Psalms! Wow, what positive, inspiring verses! What do you suppose made the Psalmists so darn happy?  In this episode, we use a favorite talk of mine from Pres. Nelson to help us dig deep into the subject of … JOY! Great applications for all ages, especially for kids starting school. Lets help them start on the right foot and CHOOSE JOY this school year!

 FLASHBACK episode – Each week, I also post a FLASHBACK episode on the same or similar topic. This week, it’s 3 Nephi 17 --- where Jesus teaches the Nephites (and us), by example, the true nature of JOY. And it happens to be my FAVORITE chapter in all of scriptures!

 Enjoy!  Hope this helps your Come Follow Me efforts at home!

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Principle of Power

 SUMMER OF HEROES --- Starring YOU!!!

 Here they are – all the videos YOU sent me re-enacting your favorite…(insert reverb) “Summer of Heroes” Old Testament stories!! And they are AWESOME! I am MOST impressed! Thank you so much all of you that participated. These are our videos for the week. You have over an hour’s worth of content – broken up into 3 videos (space ‘em out over the week if you’d like). And I’m afraid you are on your own to get into Psalms 49 – 86. Good luck! (Sorry, I am but one man with only so much time :)

ALSO, STARTING NEXT WEEK… I AM OFFERING 2 WEEKS FREE FOR ANY NEW FAMILIES TO TRY “DRAWN IN”!  Why? It’s back to school season…A time when families often revamp and try to get back on a schedule that includes having Come Follow Me time. I want to help! Here’s how it works: 

NEXT FRIDAY (AUG. 18), the following “guest” email & password will be activated for ANYONE to go to my site and LOGIN: 


 PASSWORD: back2School 

It will remain active through Labor Day weekend (Mon. Sept 5th).  They can watch as much current and past content as they like. It's that simple, no strings attached. 

PLEASE HELP ME GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT THIS FREE OFFER!! Tell your family and friends about it, post about (yes, please post the actual email/password). I appreciate your help! 


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David and Goliath Snowflake

 Week 33

Sing a PSALM! 

This week, we start a whole new phase of the Old Testament --- POETRY & PROPHECIES. And we start that with the PSALMS! I love the Psalms. Simple expressions of testimony, put to music (that we don’t know the melodies to :). Enjoy this form of worship as we look at some of these psalms, and how we can relate them to ourselves and make them meaningful.  

FLASHBACK – Psalm 23 says “The Lord is My Shepherd” . Alma 5 also focuses on Jesus as our Shepherd. Enjoy this flashback with my son, Caleb, as he makes some rockin origami sheep. But watch out for the Big Bad Wolf! 

Happy learning this week! And thanks for all your SUMMER OF HEROES submissions!  We are gonna have a great video to show ya soon!

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Principle of Power

 WEEK 32

Job – When It All Comes Crashing Down 

When you think of someone in the Bible who was tried to the utmost, and still remained faithful – Job might come to mind. He had it all, and then lost it all in one fell swoop. How did he remain faithful to the Lord…instead of getting bitter and resentful? Powerful truths this week that can help you -OR- help you encourage someone you know who is also going through those really tough times. Make sure the whole family watches this one together.

FLASHBACK – Joseph Smith also hit “rock-bottom” when he was in Liberty Jail. In fact, in a revelation, the Lord even compared him to Job. More powerful principles to help us get through those most trying times.

LAST WEEK TO SEND ME YOUR "SUMMER OF HEROES" VIDEOS!  Deadline - Aug 7th.  send them to (see end of Esther episode for details)

Thanks for letting me be a part of your family learning time, it's an honor to be in your homes (well, digitally! :)

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Power Verse

 Week 31


This week, we wrap up our Summer of Heroes with a FAVORITE of so many --- Esther!!  The lone Jewish girl, put in a most unexpected situation,  just in time to save her people from destruction.  But it wasn’t easy or automatic --- Queen Esther had to choose to do the “hard thing” and STAND FOR THE RIGHT, going against all the protocols of the kingdom.  It’s a well-loved story, that hopefully you will gain some new insights into as they apply to you and me.  Let us all have the courage to be like an Esther in OUR “hard situations”! 

FLASHBACK EPISODE – Another hero who stood for the right (literally!  On a wall!) in a hard situation was Samuel the Lamanite.  He put his own life at risk in order to finish delivering the message the Lord had given him.  And he was miraculously protected.  Enjoy!

Thanks, Drawn In Family, for all your support!  Make it a great week! 

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Principles of Power 

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