What do YOU know about Ezekiel??

That’s what’s great about this part of the Old Testament…we are learning from Prophets we hardly knew anything about before! Ezekiel was a VISIONARY man – saw all kinds of great visual visions that are fun to learn about. This week, we learn about WATCHMEN (which I think is my favorite “acted out” segment I’ve done to date, I have a whole army of kids! It’s a fun one!), SHEPHERDS, BONES, RIVERS, HEARTS, etc… ALL applied to you and your family! Enjoy this one, and there is some more DRARKING, so be ready!

 FLASHBACK EPISODE – One thing I did NOT cover in this episode was the Stick of Judah/Stick of Joseph prophesy. HOWEVER, this 2 Nephi 29 episode will help teach your family that concept of scriptures joining together.  

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Principle of Power

Power Versus 




This week, we are mixing it up again and doing something I think you all will enjoy. So, everyone get ready to participate and try something new. No PDF printout this week because of what YOU are about to create… that is the PDF! And be sure to follow the invitation on the slide at the very end.

And we have our 11th Batch of BLOOPERS/FAILS (not sure which to call them). Enjoy watching as mousey continues to fall from precarious heights, my tongue continues to get completely tied up, and more animals try to thwart my efforts! DRAWN IN – it never comes off without a hitch :)




Before I formed thee in the belly, I KNEW THEE 

Have you ever looked at a newborn baby and thought – “Where have they just been? What memories might still be with them if they could talk?” Well, this week, Jeremiah is taught that powerful principle that he DID live before he was born, with God, and that God knows what he is capable of. I decided to focus almost this entire episode on that doctrine, because it is simply so powerful! Our young people need to catch the vision of who they REALLY are… their PRE-MORTAL selves. I hope this episode helps in that regard. And there is a FUN, get-up-and-sing/clap song you better all sing with me… or else!!  Grrrr :) 

FLASHBACK EPISODE – While we are on the topic of Foreordination, the Lord had some neat truths to reveal about it in D&C 138. More Mortal Mission talk! Makes a great addition to this week’s episode. 

Love you all! Keep keeping on with the Old Testament – I know it gets hard in these last few months of the year, with lots of prophets we’ve never even heard of. This is where that extra effort pays extra dividends!





Wrapping up Isaiah!

 Hope you all had a great General Conference Weekend! Gotta love learning from the Prophet and Apostles and other leaders! This week is our 5th and final week of Isaiah… and I felt impressed to single in on a particular topic this week. It’s a principle kids struggle with and frankly, I think we ALL could do better on (myself included). And we’re gonna have some FUN talking about it (and singing about it – yes, we have a new MUSIC VIDEO for you. And it is… well.. you just gotta see it:)  So, get ready to laugh, learn, and hopefully be inspired!

 FLASHBACK Episode – Back to my favorite scripture in the Doctrine & Covenants – a verse that is the KEY to this week’s Isaiah topic and ANY thing we are commanded to do! It’s a fun one!

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Principle of Power

Power Verse 


WEEK 40 

He hath “Borne” our… Everything 

Hey Friends, this week is a special episode...because it’s such a special part of Isaiah’s writings. Simply put, these chapters are probably the most specific, Christ centered prophecies of the entire Old Testament. So, I REALLY hope you find the time this week to sit down as a family and watch together (especially being General Conference this weekend, lots of church-ness, I know. AND DO WATCH AS MUCH CONF AS POSSIBLE – LOVE SEEING OUR PROPHETS & LEADERS TEACH & TESTIFY!). But I think you’ll all really enjoy this one :) 

BONUS VIDEO – A local solar company did a bio type story on me a little while back. It's now on my “About David” page on my website here (along with a long write up about me - starting as an artistic child, until today.) So, here ya go, in case you’re interested!

 (Also, FYI – if you ordered a Lord With His Sword print…initial printing for those is taking longer than expected. But they are coming – you’ll get them probably early October)



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Principle of Power

Power Verse