WEEK 40 

He hath “Borne” our… Everything 

Hey Friends, this week is a special episode...because it’s such a special part of Isaiah’s writings. Simply put, these chapters are probably the most specific, Christ centered prophecies of the entire Old Testament. So, I REALLY hope you find the time this week to sit down as a family and watch together (especially being General Conference this weekend, lots of church-ness, I know. AND DO WATCH AS MUCH CONF AS POSSIBLE – LOVE SEEING OUR PROPHETS & LEADERS TEACH & TESTIFY!). But I think you’ll all really enjoy this one :) 

BONUS VIDEO – A local solar company did a bio type story on me a little while back. It's now on my “About David” page on my website here (along with a long write up about me - starting as an artistic child, until today.) So, here ya go, in case you’re interested!

 (Also, FYI – if you ordered a Lord With His Sword print…initial printing for those is taking longer than expected. But they are coming – you’ll get them probably early October)



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Principle of Power

Power Verse 



Are you ready to … “DRARK”??

What is DRARKING? Well, watch and find out! The Book of Isaiah continues this week with some really powerful verses about how our Heavenly Father and our Savior feel about us. Comforting indeed! Good stuff. And hopefully DRARKING will help us cement these verses and their imagery into our hearts. The Lord loves us so much! He loves YOUR KIDS so much! He is so pleased with all you do to raise and teach HIS children.

 FLASHBACK Episode --- My son Colton is briefly featured in this week’s episode. So, I thought I’d take you back a couple years to when he did his first Drawn In Episode – all by himself! Ya!

AND --- THAT PICTURE FROM LAST WEEK (below) IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!! Many of you commented on how you would love to have that image of Jesus with the sword (our protector from the leviathan, Satan) in your kid’s rooms… SOOO… here ya go!  (I spruced it up a little) 

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Principle of Power



It's simply MAAAARVELOUS! 

 This week, Isaiah goes full prophet mode on us – prophesying all kinds of events that we have seen fulfilled (like the Atonement and the Restoration) -OR- that WE are IN THE ACT OF fulfilling today! It's cool stuff! And I found a new favorite scripture verse I’ve never seen before that I went ahead and focused the episode around – you LOTR fans will like it to! PLUS … you liked them so much a few weeks ago, we’ve brought back a couple “special” visitors! Good times, Good Word, Good feelings! Enjoy this week

 FLASHBACK episode – With Book of Mormon Heroes “Crying from the Dust” as a major theme this week – let's go back to a fav music video from Jon Bon Moroni on that subject :)

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Week 37


 Yup, we’ve come to that one, wonderful book of scripture that all the ancient prophets “delighted in”…and you’re thinking --- “Huh?? I’m supposed to help my 5 year old get engaged into Isaiah??? And we’re studying his words for FIVE weeks?” Yup! It’s a tall order, I agree…But hopefully these next several episodes will make it a little easier! 

This week, I offer you TWO videos for this weeks Isaiah readings! The first (and main) one introduces Isaiah, who he was, and focuses on one of his best verses (I think) --- Thus, the title of this episode. Hope you feel the spirit with this one.

The BONUS video is actually my 2 Nephi 14-24 video from 2 ½ years ago, repackaged somewhat – since Nephi copied these chapters of Isaiah pretty much word for word! THIS video has our hand puppets for the week --- S & W!