What is DRAWN IN? Subscription Info

The DRAWN IN series is an engaging and enjoyable resource for kids & families
to supplement study of this year’s 2020 Come Follow Me, --- The Book of Mormon!  Weekly videos and downloadable PDFs, help kids apply the principles of this great book. 
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In each episode, kids will watch me draw (sped up, of course) the basic STORY of the Book of Mormon chapters for that week, teaching as I go. Yes, I’m getting my Bob Ross mojo on! But I don’t just leave it at telling a story. The real power from the Book of Mormon comes when kids find PRINCIPLES from the story, and then APPLY those principles to their level, similar to my “Who’s Your Hero?” books (which you may also purchase here).

Each episode follows this pattern...  (And we have a lot of fun doing it!)

Two new DRAWN IN episodes each week will coincide with the “Come Follow Me” chapters for that week.  Episodes are approximately 15 minutes each, give or take a few minutes.

AND, Videos have SCRIPTURE references/text in them, DISCUSSION questions, etc.... so you can pause the video with your family and make this a TEACHING EXPERIENCE with your children, if you'd like.

Here's a FREE sample episode!  Gather the kids and enjoy!

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Watching a video is great, but it’s what kids do after watching the video that really matters.  To help kid's internalize and live the principles, the following PDF downloads come with each episode:

- PRINCIPLE OF POWER Coloring sheet 

- POWER VERSE reminder sheet, with words to a new “Book of Mormon Stories” song verse for that week

- NOW, IT’S MY TURN sheet… where kids can record how they do each week on the applications discussed in the videos

- And EXTRA sheets! (such as a fun BOOK OF MORMON READING PROGRESS sheet (below), Book of Mormon Timeline coloring pages, etc.)


 With your subscription, you get…


Subscribers will receive an email with simple instructions to create a LOGIN on my website (NOTE: this email may go to your SPAM folder, so check that also)Create your login --- You must enter your own email address, as this will be your LOGIN... AND I need to be able to contact you for any info involving your subscription.

When you are logged in, subscribers will have access to watch ALL video episodes and download any PDFs created to that point on the SUBSCRIBERS CONTENT pages (found under the DRAWN IN tab).  Videos are watchable only through my website with your internet connection.  They are not downloadable.   



 MONTHLY  --- $4.95 per month

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FULL YEAR (2020) --- $49.95

BEST DEAL!! --- Get 2 months free!
  • Subscription will auto renew after one year.  (Yes, I plan on continuing with next year's D&C Come Follow Me, so your year subscription will go into 2021 :)     
  • No cancellations for full year subscriptions during the year
  • Saves you the hassle of monthly payments to worry about accounting for




Yes!  It's very easy.  When you click BUY MONTHLY/YEARLY MEMBERSHIP, simply enter THEIR name and email address (the person you are buying for).  Then, when the prompt for payment comes next, use YOUR credit card.  That's it.

The giftee will then receive an email that will direct them how to CREATE a LOGIN on my website (see steps above, under "HOW DOES IT WORK?")

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Due to new 2020 YouTube polices that greatly discourage any video content geared towards children, I will only have a few sample videos posted on my YouTube channel – David Bowman Art.  ALL my Videos (and PDFs) can only be accessed with a subscription to DRAWN IN.


For ANY other questions about the DRAWN IN series, please email me at davidbowmanart@gmail.com or use CONTACT tab on this site.  

Thanks!!  Hope to see your family DRAWN IN soon! :)