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We love hearing from all of you how you're loving the DRAWN IN program or how you've implemented it in your homes. Now we'd like you to comment below that same information for others to see what they're missing out on, haha. 

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  • Sally Hogue

    We heard about “Drawn In” from someone on Facebook that highly recommended it. We have enjoyed the children’s books and now we have really enjoyed the videos. My boys have asked many times if they could watch these videos and have gotten so excited when it was “Drawn In” video time. As we’ve watched the videos, I’ve personally felt the spirit. It is clear that David Bowman sincerely loves the Book of Mormon and has a gift for teaching it. My boys look up to him. Recently my eight year old added him to the list of “important people” he wants to meet someday. Thank you Brother Bowman for taking the time to create these videos. It was inspired. Thank you for teaching the principles and the application of those principles. You’ve had a positive influence on my boys. I wish I could have had these videos when I was a child. My eight year old has even started drawling the Book of Mormon characters. Thank you again for providing these uplifting videos. We hope that you’ll continue to make many more.

  • Hydee

    I love the Drawn in videos Thank you!

  • Victoria J

    We have been watching drawn in since January! It has been the be st decision I had made for helping my family with Come follow me. I love his humor and my kids ask to watch it multiple times a week! Thank you David for your pure love of Christ and doing this for us!

  • Ranee Hansen

    Our family LOVES Drawn In! As a homeschooling family, it is a vital part of our learning! We have 6 amazing special needs kiddos and they love copying down the power verses and principles of power, from each amazing video… and they LOVE watching Brother Bowman draw! They also really love the new Book of Mormon verses at the end of each episode! Drawn In is a family affair and a daily habit. (We read our verses the night before and then spend the next day delving deeper as we notebook our learning in our homeschool!) For our emerging writers, I often highlight the longer verses and have them trace over them in pencil! The videos help to enlighten our minds, broaden our understanding and strengthen our spiritual muscles! Brother Bowman’s teaching talents make this series an absolute MUST and an absolute BLESSING for a family of multiple DIFFabilities! Thank you, Bowman family, for helping us learn the gospel in such an engaging way!😀❤

  • Heather Bosshardt

    Drawn In has been such a blessing for our family! Last year I would do little devotionals as part of our Come, Follow Me study and homeschool for my four little boys, but it was always a challenge to get everyone to gather. Now I just call out “Time for Drawn In!” And they all come running, excitedly saying in chorus “Drawn In!!” They are laughing and learning and feeling the Spirit, making connections and are more attentive during our family scripture study when we point out things that were talked about in the Drawn In episode. I love having the scriptures and principles to print out and post on the fridge, I often see them standing and reading them over during the week. My three year old still loves the coach’s cheer from an earlier episode, and the scriptures set to song really stick with us all! I was a fan of David Bowman’s paintings before this, and I’m so glad I learned about this! I can’t recommend it highly enough, and tell people every chance I get. I look forward to the rest of the year and the continued development of Drawn In! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this!

    P.S. My boys were also mesmerized by the episode your son did!

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