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We love hearing from all of you how you're loving the DRAWN IN program or how you've implemented it in your homes. Now we'd like you to comment below that same information for others to see what they're missing out on, haha. 

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  • Lily McEntire

    We LOVE Drawn In & have faithfully watched since he began in January. David Bowman’s books are also great bedtime or anytime stories. Thank you for being YOU & doing what you love & being so amazing at it! I appreciate you sharing with all us other parents that don’t have that talent. I look forward to watching each week as do all my 6 kiddos. Such great insight into making the scriptures come to life & apply to their world. My boys were mesmerized when your son did the Drawn In episode, as quiet as watching one of their fav TV shows!! Thanks a million & anyone reading this comment hope you’re enjoying Drawn In too! It is TOTALLY worth it!

  • Cameron Lawracy

    This is hands down the absolute best resource for kids for scripture study for kids AND adults!! My whole family enjoys watching! There is such a pure and genuine love of the scriptures felt from David. He is a fantastically talented man. What a blessing he is to share this resource with the world. This the best money spent on my kids (and for myself!).

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