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The Adventure of DRAWN IN

Wow, what an adventure this whole DRAWN IN series has become.  These past several months been very rewarding, and at the same time, very stressful.  REWARDING – experiencing the pure joy of CREATING (in all its aspects) and hearing from you how DRAWN IN has been helping.   I especially love hearing how your kids (and you parents) can be laughing AND learning --- how humor/fun/even silliness –AND- doctrinal/spiritual/solid gospel teaching CAN coexist together!  Yea!  These kids need to experience that the Holy Ghost can be manifest in both styles. And STRESSFUL -  trying to keep the pace of creating 2 entire videos per week,in addition to running the regular business of selling my Jesus artwork/books online!  Many a full days...

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Leap of Faith: My Thoughts on “DRAWN IN” and How it Got Started

To be totally honest, these videos have been a complete leap of faith for me. When I started, I had NO IDEA if kids would even like them or if they would even be beneficial.  And yet by choosing to take on this endeavor, I was committing myself to 4 years of my life to be completely consumed with making these un-tested/un-tried videos.  Kinda scary, kinda exciting, kinda BOTH. And where did the idea for DRAWN IN even come from in the first place? Well, It all started last summer with a thought that hit me, “Hey, Dave, what if you filmed yourself drawing some Book of Mormon pictures (in your Who’s Your Hero books style), maybe tell a story...

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DRAWN IN - OPEN FORUM! - Where YOU get to share feedback and ideas with each other

Hey DRAWN IN Friends!     I am SO ENJOYING hearing how your family has been benefitting from DRAWN IN!  Thank you for taking the time to share.  It is very rewarding creating these videos/PDF's for such gracious people.  If you have ideas you've found that work well (such as WHEN in the week do you watch the episodes?  How do you use the "DRAWN IN CHALLENGE" sheet?  What additional things do you do with the series to make it more beneficial? etc.)… please share!  Also, thanks for your suggestions!  Starting February, to help organize past content, all the past videos will be logged by month, with a tab for every past month.  So the main page will have only...

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