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Hey DRAWN IN Friends!

    I am SO ENJOYING hearing how your family has been benefitting from DRAWN IN!  Thank you for taking the time to share.  It is very rewarding creating these videos/PDF's for such gracious people. 

If you have ideas you've found that work well (such as WHEN in the week do you watch the episodes?  How do you use the "DRAWN IN CHALLENGE" sheet?  What additional things do you do with the series to make it more beneficial? etc.)… please share! 

Also, thanks for your suggestions!  Starting February, to help organize past content, all the past videos will be logged by month, with a tab for every past month.  So the main page will have only the CURRENT MONTH'S content.  

So, share away!  Feedback, Suggestions, Ideas, Success Stories... love to hear from you!

David Bowman
DRAWN IN Creator


  • Melanie Bush

    My five kids absolutely LOVE your Drawn In videos! As a mom I love that they are so fun AND teach the gospel principles so well! We love the Book of Mormon Stories song verse at the end of each video! Is there a place where these are written down so we can practice singing them?

  • Brad, Ashley & Will

    I love your videos. I like to make my own Drawn In videos after watching yours! Brad (7). I love your videos. My brother and i watch them! Ashley (5).

  • Jamie

    Just incredible, simply incredible! Draw a PDF of “Come Follow Me – DRAWN IN” Id love the idea of introduction on our white board.
    This is loved by all ages of our children. 14, 13, 9, 7, 5, 5, 5 years old. Not every video will be shown with your voice, your expressions speaks volumes. Its so great! Coloring and silent video for the littles helps distract them, so the older kids feel heard!

    My favorite, you don’t have it on YOUTUBE; youtube is dangerous for children and is an absolute (DO NOT USE) in our home, Thank you a million times!!
    Thanks for sharing your Talent and Testimony in such a magnificent forum.

  • Cristine

    Will you have a special Drawn In video about The First Vision in preparation for General Conference? :)

  • Lisa

    I used one of your videos to sub the CTR5 class last week. The concept of STRAIT vs STRAIGHT- mind blown. We gave each child a bag called “The Ultimate spiritual trail mix- for traveling the strait and narrow path of life” Inside we had pretzel sticks (the guiding rod of the Lord), Goldfish (the savior leading us along), marshmallows (the soft sweet voice of the Holy Ghost), M&Ms (the sweetness of family and friends), Outdoor adventures Teddy Grahams (The adventures you will have along the way), and a chocolate Lamb (the Brothers and Sisters YOU can help along the way). Huge hit. We were asked to sub again this week, and I am sure to use the video on choices. Thank You!!

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