Leap of Faith: My Thoughts on “DRAWN IN” and How it Got Started

To be totally honest, these videos have been a complete leap of faith for me. When I started, I had NO IDEA if kids would even like them or if they would even be beneficial.  And yet by choosing to take on this endeavor, I was committing myself to 4 years of my life to be completely consumed with making these un-tested/un-tried videos.  Kinda scary, kinda exciting, kinda BOTH.

And where did the idea for DRAWN IN even come from in the first place?

Well, It all started last summer with a thought that hit me, “Hey, Dave, what if you filmed yourself drawing some Book of Mormon pictures (in your Who’s Your Hero books style), maybe tell a story with the pictures, and put those on the internet?”  I had NO idea how to make this possible (I have ZERO video production experience) or what these videos would actually look.   It was just an idea that felt good… which I have come to learn is how the Holy Ghost gives personal revelation.

Since then, it has been a step by step, trial/error learning process with everything --- Sound, lighting, How to use a video camera hooked to my ceiling to record the drawing segments, how to put all the segments together into a professional looking video.  And let me tell you--- finding a talented local video editor was a HUGE blessing!  Jeff (me editor) does an amazing job at making these videos into what they are, complete with some really great music.  And, of course,  I’ll always remember that fateful moment in September, while examining my hand in front of the camera, that the thought struck me, “Hey!  My hand looks pretty cool in this camera.  I wonder how a little drawn on, hand puppet would look on video?”  And that was that!  The beginning of Mister _______ Hand.  (Again, as I’m sure you have seen in your own life, I don’t believe these are just my own ideas.  They come from a higher source)

It has been so rewarding to watch the evolution of the DRAWN IN series… to feel God inspiring you with thoughts and ideas for the episodes, for the purpose of helping draw kids closer to Christ.  I truly feel as if my strengths and talents (God-given, not my own) over the course of my life --- my love of drawing, my love of teaching (I spent several years teaching full-time seminary back in the day), my love of acting/staging/different voices, my goofy sense of humor, my love of kids --- have been in preparation for this endeavor.  I feel so blessed to get to use ALL of these strengths wrapped up in ONE project --- the DRAWN IN series.

So, a HUGE thank you for all of your support and your most gracious feedback on how the series has been making a difference in your family.  It is so rewarding to know that the videos/print outs are actually resonating with your kids. 



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