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Hey DRAWN IN Friends!

    I am SO ENJOYING hearing how your family has been benefitting from DRAWN IN!  Thank you for taking the time to share.  It is very rewarding creating these videos/PDF's for such gracious people. 

If you have ideas you've found that work well (such as WHEN in the week do you watch the episodes?  How do you use the "DRAWN IN CHALLENGE" sheet?  What additional things do you do with the series to make it more beneficial? etc.)… please share! 

Also, thanks for your suggestions!  Starting February, to help organize past content, all the past videos will be logged by month, with a tab for every past month.  So the main page will have only the CURRENT MONTH'S content.  

So, share away!  Feedback, Suggestions, Ideas, Success Stories... love to hear from you!

David Bowman
DRAWN IN Creator


  • Jannie

    The week 4 videos were still very much loved by my kids even though the content was deeper doctrine. My 5 year old sat astronaut style on the couch with her legs kicking the whole time, but her eyes never left the screen and she was able to answer follow up questions we asked her. We’ve been having our own discussion questions but we love having the added ones. I really hope you do these every year for all the Come Follow Me manuals.

  • Emilie

    These are great. We just started and my kids love them. Is there are way for you to include an option with all the pages in 1 pdf? It would make for easier printing and being able to print 2 pages on 1 to conserve pages? (unless there is already that option and I am just missing it.) My kids love all the pages and if I skip printing one, they are not happy with me.

  • Trent

    Dude, seriously these are the best. Keep ‘em comin’! We have 5 boys, ages 12 down to 2, and they all get excited every week to see your new videos! No other feedback yet. Thanks!

  • mendy stucki

    Is there any way to project them to the tv so every member of family can see them?

  • Linda Johnston

    My son loves these videos! He is 24 and has autism. They sang the song Book of Mormon Stories at his Special Needs Activity Program and he exclaimed, “That’s from Drawn In!” Thank you for sharing the gospel in such an engaging and entertaining way.

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