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Hey DRAWN IN Friends!

    I am SO ENJOYING hearing how your family has been benefitting from DRAWN IN!  Thank you for taking the time to share.  It is very rewarding creating these videos/PDF's for such gracious people. 

If you have ideas you've found that work well (such as WHEN in the week do you watch the episodes?  How do you use the "DRAWN IN CHALLENGE" sheet?  What additional things do you do with the series to make it more beneficial? etc.)… please share! 

Also, thanks for your suggestions!  Starting February, to help organize past content, all the past videos will be logged by month, with a tab for every past month.  So the main page will have only the CURRENT MONTH'S content.  

So, share away!  Feedback, Suggestions, Ideas, Success Stories... love to hear from you!

David Bowman
DRAWN IN Creator


  • Rachelle A Ruggiero

    Is there a way to play on TV?

  • Rachelle A Ruggiero

    This has been a GAME CHANGING! My three boys LOVE the videos and get excited to watch them. I love that I don’t have to prep anything and we are still learning much.

  • erin

    My son Addy suggests that an Italian hand character make an appearance in one of the episodes. 😄

  • Trent

    I love Drawn In – Our 5 boys have so much fun with it and the content is superb. Thank you! My only suggestion is that the way the content is delivered seems scattered, where you have to scroll down and make sure you’re not in a different week. Would be great if you could organize each week’s content more cleanly, such as a folder for each week, and within the folder is found all that week’s content. Otherwise, keep up the great work and thanks again!!

  • Robyn

    I have 6 kids, ranging from 15 down to 19 months old. Everyone (except the baby) is riveted on each episode. The middle kids all shout out “Principle of Power!” every time that part comes on. Last week, when my daughter (8 years old) stayed home from church, the first thing she asked was to watch Drawn In. But here is the miracle… My 5 year old is a handful, to say the least. After just the first week, when I was SO frustrated with his behavior, I just asked, “Are you being Nephi and Sam or Laman and Lemuel?” He stopped mid-fit, gave me a thumbs up, then ran off to do the thing I’d asked….what?!? I mean, it doesn’t work every time, because he’s 5, but he IS thinking about it and I praise him when he chooses to be like Nephi.
    Thank you for these, from the bottom of my very tired, but also excited about the gospel heart.

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