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Hey DRAWN IN Friends!

    I am SO ENJOYING hearing how your family has been benefitting from DRAWN IN!  Thank you for taking the time to share.  It is very rewarding creating these videos/PDF's for such gracious people. 

If you have ideas you've found that work well (such as WHEN in the week do you watch the episodes?  How do you use the "DRAWN IN CHALLENGE" sheet?  What additional things do you do with the series to make it more beneficial? etc.)… please share! 

Also, thanks for your suggestions!  Starting February, to help organize past content, all the past videos will be logged by month, with a tab for every past month.  So the main page will have only the CURRENT MONTH'S content.  

So, share away!  Feedback, Suggestions, Ideas, Success Stories... love to hear from you!

David Bowman
DRAWN IN Creator


  • Amy Richards

    We are loving this!!! I have 4 kids: 3 year-old twin boys, a 5 year-old daughter, and a 7 year-old son. I read from The Book of Mormon every morning (or evening if the morning is crazy) while the kids are eating breakfast/dinner. Generally we only get through 5-10 verses but we stop to talk about it and find principles. So by the end of the year, at our pace, we will probably be somewhere in Mosiah, lol. We follow along with the weeks’ assigned reading with the Church’s illustrated scripture story book/videos, the new posted videos by the Church, and the Who’s Your Hero BOM book as well. We watch the Drawn In videos with the kids a few times each week and I print the print outs on 3×5 cards (2 copies each per kid). They color/paint/sparkle glue both and then they like to tape one copy above their beds or in the bathroom or on the front door or the fireplace (you get the picture) and the other copy I put in a little (4×6) photo album book (from the dollar store or Michaels) after they have colored it so that they can have it for their scripture bag or to look at at night. I am super excited about this! One of my twins carries his cards everywhere, “my Nephi!!!” And I love how we can apply these! The kids see and remember and we talk about the Drawn In principles throughout the week: obedience/homework/sports with a soft heart/hard heart (really focusing on the bounce-back and doing hard things!!!) I am so grateful for this Drawn In. It really helps tie everything together and helps us – visually and then through application – focus on a few principles which really drive it home for the kids. Nephi is a common topic now (verses Paw Patrol, princesses, Harry Potter, etc) and I think that is AWESOME!!! SO AWESOME!!!

  • Cindy

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource for our kiddos (ages 13, 9, and 4)! We watch the videos after we have read and discussed the chapters. I try to let my kids analyze and practice finding the principals on their own and it’s working out beautifully. We all get such a kick out of the hand-characters and we love the pattern for learning the principles– story, principle, apply. I feel there is a perfect amount of humor mixed with sincerity and gospel learning. The power scripture is a great addition and we hope our children discover their own power verses along the way.
    The goal chart has been tricky for us because we do our home study in a progressive fashion throughout the week leaving limited time to try the final goal. We LOVE the goal chart for application and hope to glean a few ideas on how others implement this into their week.

  • Jana Nelson

    I was so excited to hear about your drawn in series! We had been searching for a way to bridge the age gap between our 4 children ages 7-17. When I had pulled up the first video, my oldest exclaimed “Who’s Your Hero! That’s my childhood!” All four kids love the videos and we have been able to have great discussions with all of the kids. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Mindy Owen

    Our family loved your Who’s your Hero books, so I knew we’d love your Drawn In series. I have 3 boys, ages 14, 11, and 7. My oldest son has Autism. He enjoys watching the videos over and over. We never get tired of them. His favorite, so far, is Do Hard Things. I love hearing my boys laugh, and they love your sense of humor! I thought about videoing them this morning as they were gathered around the computer as they interacted with the video. They laugh, and yell “Principle of Power”, and enjoy what they are learning! I know they will not forget these things. They also all want to be artists, and are very inspired by your work.

  • Whitney

    My kids love these videos. They even tell their friends about them. We don’t have a set schedule when we watch them, just try to remember during the week. We haven’t used the printables yet. Whoops!

    My question is do you have an Instagram or Facebook we can share to help spread the word? We try to tell everyone!

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