“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Volume 1
“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Volume 1
“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Volume 1 Tree of Life
“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Volume 1 Enos
“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Volume 1 Nephi
“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Volume 1 Ammon

“WHO’S YOUR HERO?” Book of Mormon Stories Applied to Children, VOLUME 1

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With over a decade long track record, thousands of families will agree that the WHO’S YOUR HERO? books are your key to helping little ones enjoy, understand and apply the scriptures. 

These books not only teach young children about the great heroes of the Book of Mormon and what they did back then, but each story shows kids how THEY can be like these heroes today.

For example, just like Ammon loved helping King Lamoni with his sheep and horses… YOU can love helping out by doing chores around the house happily.  And just like Nephi didn’t complain when his father Lehi asked him to do hard things… YOU can do hard things (like clean a messy room or go to bed on time) with a good attitude too.  Watch the scriptures come to life with these fun & engaging books!

Home teaching ideas and activities are also included after EACH story!

This FIRST volume has nine heroes, spanning from 1 Nephi through mid Alma.

  • NEPHI - Never Complains
  • LEHI’S FAMILY - Holds Fast to the Word of God
  • ENOS - Prays Sincerely
  • KING BENJAMIN & His People - Commit to Christ
  • ABINADI - Shows Courage
  • ALMA - Apologizes
  • AMULEK & ALMA - Cooperate
  • AMMON - Loves to Share
  • ABISH - Acts on Inspiration

176 pages! (lots of bang for your buck)  softcover (10 ¼” x 8 ¾”)

All books are signed by David, with a little cartoon character drawn inside. If you want the books signed to specific kids, please specify their names in a "Contact" David email.

“This book is fabulous and worth every single cent. It includes great ‘application’ pages with illustrations showing how to apply the simplified principle for each “hero” to their lives and at their levels. Then at the end of each hero’s story is a gold mine of resources that includes pertinent Friend stories, FHE ideas, and lots of other resources related to reinforcing the simple concepts presented. Such an excellent book. I can’t gush about this enough. Even my 8-year-old son was entertained by the great and humorous illustrations. Super, 5-star purchase.”
— Amazon Review

“Truly, one of the my most favorite books we have ever owned (and I am a children’s book addict). My kids LOVE looking at the pix, and I LOVE all the suggestions of how to apply the stories to your life. Absolutely amazing books!!!”
— Amazon Review